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Our Coaches

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Erik Leslie


Erik uses his experience teaching meditation techniques in the military to help clients build resilience, reduce stress, and enhance performance in high-pressure jobs or lifestyles. Learn how to set u...

Michael Smith


20 years experience as a Reiki Master, Mindfulness Teacher, Published author ..I offer a simple conversation that opens grace and peace as life. Redefine who you are.. by looking .. allow me to guide...

David Scott


David (Daud) Scott is a Holistic Meditation Instructor taught in and from the Sufi tradition. David has been teaching meditation for over 15 years. David has had his practice in New York City, San Die...

Cyril Joseph


Oneness & Spiritual Growth is our Next Highest Natural Instinct after Survival & Procreation. Meditation is an effective tool in reaching Oneness and nurturing our Spirituality. As your Awesome ...

David Neustein


After 10 years of teaching meditation, I have realized there is no one style of meditation that works for everyone. The way I instruct, it incorporates many different styles of meditation into one ses...

Lori Golden


As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I provide a calm and empowering experience for you to learn meditation skills to reduce stress and achieve peace and balance in mind, body and spirit. Join me...

Ollie Goodlow, M.D.


I am dedicated and passionate about sharing my 20 years of meditation practice and coaching experience. I work in corporate and private venues. I am here to help YOU discover the power within YOU to ...

Jed Fox


I believe we as human beings possess an inherent drive towards wholeness and evolution. As a passionate coach and meditation teacher with two decades of intensive mindfulness and meditation training, ...

Jasiri Nkalati


Jasiri NKalati is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Body Priestess, aspiring author, and yoga teacher with training in hatha, vinyasa, restorative, and Khemetic yoga. Both on and off the mat, the bal...

Ishwari Jay


Ishwari Jay is a yogini, light-worker, entrepreneur and speaker. Her spiritual journey started early, at the age of six, when she experienced spontaneous meditation. At 21 she found her spiritual t...

Sally Younghans


Sally is passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and know how to reclaim their health through the body's natural ability to heal. Constantly inspired from an endless stream of miraculo...

Christine Heinisch


Christine's 21+ years as a student and teacher of meditation and yoga, combined with a background in Indo-Tibetan Contemplative Psychotherapy, will help her to help you access calm, presence, and powe...